Divorce Reset Retreats


As well as being the Owner of Torcliffe, I am also a qualified Narcissistic Trauma Informed Coach, helping people to find their own unique life path after divorce. As part of my service offering, I have set-up the Divorce-Reset Retreats. This is designed to help women who are transitioning through divorce. The ladies can come to the safe haven of Torcliffe to start the road to a more fulfilled and happier life. 

By accepting trauma-informed coaching 121 with me, I will you to move forward with your journey. Whilst you are at Torcliffe, we will look at:

    1. Undertaking a 121 review where you can become clear on intention setting
    2. Look at the steps to self-regulate and nervous system mapping
    3. Walk through well-being considerations  and mental health and grounding techniques when you feel dysregulated
    4. Sharing toolkits and resources to help you manage the process of divorce
    5. Explore the steps you need to take to become financially independent
    6. Ensure you move ahead by creating an achievable plan